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Re-defining wine training for hospitality staff

Hospovin specialise in staff wine training for hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and wedding & events venues.

Whether you feel your team need help with general wine knowledge, food and wine pairing or you feel their service skills could be improved, we will come to you and deliver tailor-made courses which resolve every one of these concerns for your hospitality business.

So, what makes Hospovin different? 

Why bring us in to train your team?

Hospovin training sessions are created specifically for the hospitality industry. 

We bring a new approach to wine training, using down-to-Earth and easy to understand training techniques, alongside unique resources, which combine to truly benefit your business.

Our training increases beverage spend and improves guest experience for restaurants and hotels, giving hospitality staff the skills to confidently recommend and serve wines to their guests.

Our combined focus on wine service skills, wine sales and food and wine pairing, based on the exact wines and dishes on our client’s menus, delivers genuine results for the businesses we work with.

We pride ourselves on delivering enjoyable and engaging wine training, making wine easily understandable for front of house staff and events sales staff of all experience levels.

No wine snobbery, our training techniques make wine accessible to all.

We also partner with hotel and restaurant groups to create and manage bespoke wine training programmes specifically for multi-site businesses.

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