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Hospovin create and deliver specialist wine training for a wide range of hospitality businesses.

We build your wine training based on your specific requirements as a business and can train your team on everything from food and wine pairing to how to open, present and pour wine.

Our bespoke training courses can include elements from any or all of the below categories.

Food and wine pairing training


We can train your team on everything from how to pronounce the names of your wines to the flavour and style of each wine and how these wines compare to each other. We also highlight unique selling points for the wines on your list, to assist your team in recommending wines to your customers.

General wine knowledge

Wine knowledge training can include:

- Learning your wine list, the exact wines you list

- Different grapes/styles and how they compare

- Dry, medium, sweet, light medium styles etc

- Unique selling points to help recommendations
- Correct pronunciation for your wines 
- Regions explained, 'old world' and 'new world'


Your team can learn the best food pairings from your wine list, for every dish on your menu.
Focusing on both your wines by the glass and wines by the bottle, we ensure your team are educated on how best to pair your wines to your menu, delivering an impressive guest experience.

Food and wine

Food and wine training can include:

- Famous food and wine pairing matches
- By the glass and bottle pairings for your dishes
- In-depth pairing focus for your top selling dishes

- Wine flight and tasting menu pairing training
- The most versatile 'food wines' on your wine list
- Handouts to work from and take away with you


Wine service

We can train your team to ensure your wines are served correctly at your guest's tables and served at the right temperature for each style of wine. We work with front of house teams on everything from correct temperatures for each wine to opening cork sealed wines, sparkling wines and how to present and pour wines for your guests. We also deliver training on dealing with the most common wine queries.

Service training can include:

- Restaurant service tips, improving service 
- How to open sparkling and cork sealed wines​
- How to correctly present and serve wine

- Ideal serving temperatures for different wines
- Dealing with common wine queries and issues
- Service preparation to deliver maximum efficiency


There are many ways to boost average wine spend in your restaurant, hotel or bar, whilst maintaining excellent service standards and keeping your guests happy. The term 'up-selling' has a bad reputation but, if the correct sales skills are used, it is quite straightforward to increase your average spend without making your guests feel like they are being pressured into spending more. 

Sales training can include:

- General service tips, improving average spend
- Hospitality sales psychology
- Simple re-order techniques, doubling quantities

- Product USP focus, above current average spend
- Entry level and up-sell product comparisons
- Food/menu pairing with premium wine options


Do you have concerns about beverage storage and stock management in your business?

We can train your team to give them a wide range of skills to bring your stock under control, regardless of which member of your trained team is placing orders, receiving orders or simply tidying stock.

Storage and stock training can include:

- Cellar management and organisation
- Correct storage conditions and temperatures
- Stock rotation systems

- Par stock systems to manage stock holding
- Procedures for ordering and receiving stock
Solutions and strategies to clear excess stock


Too many hotels and conference, event and wedding venues are missing out on large additional revenues for their business because most events are selecting "house wine" or "package wines".

Our wine training for sales and events teams delivers significantly increased spend per event, simply due to your team being able to recommend wines to pair with menus or suit particular tastes.

Sales training can include:

- Grouping wines on your list into style categories

- Wine match options for each menu or dish

- Dietary considerations for your wines

- USPs for premium wines to support up-selling
- 'If you usually like, you will enjoy' training
- Wine handouts to use when meeting clients

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